Things to keep in mind while writing an email (Part-2)

By admin | October 06 , 2021

Writing An Email

People write emails for formal communication like pitching in an idea, informing their boss about their absence or just informing the customers about the exciting offer they have for Christmas. And informal communications like sending pleasantries between long-distance relatives or just writing a heartfelt email to your long-lost friend. Since they are used for different types of communication you must know how to write an email that pleases all kinds of people.

Edit, Edit, and re-edit

Always read the mail, edit it and re-edit it before you hit send. You will never be able to get your email back after you hit send. So, read the body of your email. Check for grammar mistakes, sentence structure and punctuations before making sure you send the mail. It is better not to be regretful and sending a foolish text to your boss, rather than being happy by sending the right email.

Attachment crisis

It is always better to ensure that you have all the attachments, attached to the email first before typing in the body of your email. In this way it saves time, for loading and you will be able to carefully attach the right documents to the email. This will save you a lot of embarrassing email follow-ups regarding the wrong attachment.

It’s all about context

We are all unique and different in our little ways of life. And it is this uniqueness that celebrates us as individuals. So, if you are stuck with just a blank page and a cursor blinking down at you. Don’t worry. Just take a deep breath and write down why you want to write this email? Then take a moment to think and go on. Type whatever your heart wants you to type. As long as you get your message is delivered loud and clear to who ever you are writing to it is a win for all.

Stay tuned to learn more about writing emails and content….

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