Things to keep in mind while writing an email (Part-1)

By admin | October 01 , 2021

Writing An Email

Emails are the most important type of formal conversation that is used by many around the world. In the previous post we saw the different rules to adhere and make emails a beautiful connection between you and your boss or loved ones. And here we are again with another set of tips to use and make your email the best.

Contain your emotions

We have all been using emojis to express our emotions in digital conversation. But while writing an email always be mindful of the person you re writing to. If the person understands the context of the emoji and the emoji matches with the context of the email. Then feel free to use any emoji you like, But if the person whom you are writing the email to is a superior like your boss or the CEO, it is best to forget about the emoji.

Think twice before add your recipients 

While adding in your recipients, make sure you don’t add all of them to the ‘To’ section. This will make your email land directly to the spam section. Hence while sending an email, always make sure that you add the people whom you directly want to read the email in the ‘To’ section and move the ones who need to read the information to the ‘cc’ section and the ones who need to read the mail, but do not have to know who see received the same email put them in the ‘bcc’ part of the email. This will ensure that the important people read the email and reply to you at once.

Reply on time

People don’t like to be ignored, hence make sure that you always check your email and reply to them at once or within 24 hours. While replying to them always be mindful of the person you reply to, add some greetings and a heartfelt thank you to your email to make the receiver feel a little special.

Stay tuned to learn more email tips and tricks …


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