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how to write the perfect email

Communication is the key to a good relationship. This could be your regular Whatsapp messages or emails. The ability to convey a message properly to someone is the best quality that you can nurture. Hence here are a few ways in which you can write a killer email.

Ace the subject line.  

Your subject lines are the best way to make your reader curious about the message. Regardless of the familiarity of the receiver, you must write the subject line in such a way that the receiver will like to open your message and read it. Rather than deleting it almost immediately.

Remind them where you met them ” It was great to meet you at the Book Convention”

Remind them of a connection ” Cathy from West view suggested that I reach you”

Sometimes it’s best to include the receiver’s name in the subject line. Then move on to explain why you are sending them the email in a brief manner. And finally, finish writing the deadline of the event or work that you are briefing for a killer email.

For example ” John, are you interested in organizing the Mail blast? RSVP needed by Dec 6th.

Keep it brief. 

A mail should be more or less 250 words long. But do not pass more than 500 words. Please be mindful of the time one will be spending on your email. Hence always make sure that you are using a minimum amount of words, to give the maximum impact to your email.

 Be upfront with your ask.  

Be more specific about what you are asking. This will not only make your email look better. But it will also want people to respond to your email.

Be clear about your deadline.  

If you are writing your email to inform them of a deadline, then be clear about it. Sometimes highlighting your deadline will make both your job and the receiver’s job easier. It can be as direct as: “I’d greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me by Wednesday, September 2nd.”

 Do this before you hit send.

Check for any grammatical errors, before sending your email. It would be embarrassing to send an email and then find out that you have a spelling mistake.

Ask yourself if you would like to respond to this email. If yes then send. If your answer is no, then please review your content before sending it.




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