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In any marketing strategy content is its foundation. Similar to how without a strong content strategy, the word SEO will cease to exist.


Finding a window of opportunity to update and improve the material on your website as a way to boost customer interactions is a complex procedure. Your customer’s journey, buyer persona, or even the content on your website may have a gap that needs to be filled.

All of them call for a carefully considered content strategy that does not compromise the company’s objective. Each of these causes your content marketing plan to have a content gap. The relationship with customers or potential prospects will suffer as a result.


  • A stellar content makes sure your website ranks organically on the search.
  • A great content plan can help outrank competitors by obtaining benefits the brand is currently not targeting.
  • Filling gaps in the content inventory can help drive more traffic and increase engagement organically.


  • INVENTORY AUDITING: In order to identify the gap, an inventory audit comprises gathering data from across the website and breaking it down into various tiers. In the buyer’s journey, our content frequently gets lost in translation. Businesses may determine what stage their content is in using a customer experience loop.

Getting your customers to the awareness level is the obvious first step. Your website’s content should inform visitors about who you are and what you do. Acquisition and retention are later stages.

  • KEYWORD AUDITS: Finding out what your competitors are writing about that you aren’t is the next step if your website has a tonne of material. These keyword audits assist in identifying the top keywords that rival businesses are using to dominate search engine results. Competitive analysis is what is meant by this.

In this strategy, we are aware of our desired position in the search results, so we search for terms that will assist us in getting there. Investigating the keywords of your competitors is a fantastic approach to achieve this. It is unrealistic to scan their blogs and websites to uncover the terms they are ranking highly for. This where the numerous tools come into the picture.

  • CONTENT REFRESH: This process largely entails replacing the outdated information with brand-new concepts that are more pertinent to your company. Searching for the blog that has led to the most customer engagement is one approach to achieve this.

The trick is to think of a large website with a lot of material as a single unit. In this manner, you may produce a more in-depth study without getting bogged down in specifics. A more general note is that finding keywords that might work well for a content topic can be really beneficial.

Make sure the quality of the updated information is on par with the newer ones. Simple: If the quality is worse, the rank is lower. Keep in mind that not every keyword your competition ranks for will be beneficial to your company. Prioritization becomes important in this situation.

It’s never a good idea to try to rank for every keyword your rival does. following a keyword analysis. Don’t forget to take the design elements into account if you plan to add 2-3 paragraphs of additional content to your blog. Include pictures, infographics, or a video. Link building is a crucial phase in the content update process.

  • DOCUMENT TO EXPLORE: You must consider the demands of the client and whether your content can address those needs before you start curating content. Of course, a more thorough examination of each keyword is essential.

We can start developing a fantastic content marketing strategy once we’ve taken a closer look at the keywords. Depending on the title of the material, various content kinds like blog entries, infographics, videos, etc. must be included. Investigating how the competition is producing content for a particular term is another excellent strategy.

  1. Then come up with new strategies for dominating that area by coming up with content from a different angle. Choose the direct competitors while making your choice. If you choose too many rivals from various niches, there won’t be much of an opportunity to fill the void. Similar to this, it is challenging to evaluate your rival if they represent large companies that deal with a variety of goods.

REMEMBER: To produce content that performs well in Google searches, a lot of work is required. The secret is to pay attention to the content quality rather than just the rank. To engage the audience and turn them into potential consumers, it must get through to them. One of the simplest ways to figure out where and how your organisation can succeed is to conduct a content gap analysis. Your content strategy should be centred on the demands of the consumer to close this gap. Always keep an eye out for both the quantity and quality of your own content. You won’t lose the game if you conduct a content gap analysis each forequarter.

In order to dominate your business niche, you should mark the term that performs best for you after you have documented your keyword study. Add each one to our content plan, then decide which one is most effective for you. Never forget that there is always better content out there that ranks far higher than yours, even when you think it is the best. Stay tuned to learn more about content strategy, join us at or call us at +91 8939855006


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