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Professional resumes are made possible by resume writing services. This article provides a summary of these services as well as the best resume-writing companies in India.

Writing the best resume can make you stand out from other applicants and catch the eye of a hiring manager or recruiter. An essential step in producing a polished, readable resume is formatting it. A resume is a formal document that lists a person’s qualifications and accomplishments in their field of work and it is intended to highlight a person’s education, talents, and previous employment. In most cases, it is typically used to demonstrate the future of potential employers.

For a person looking to land a job that they desire, the resume is an important document as it promotes each applicant’s best traits and attributes and it explains why, if hired, the person would be a good match for the business. It is, therefore, by all means, an essential document that summarizes and demonstrates to prospective employers reasons why should you be hired. Ensure that your resume is visually engaging.

Every professional wants to make their resume look good. A resume that sticks out has the best chance of being recruited and regular updates to your resume are required. A resume writing service provides help to people in crafting professional-looking resumes. Your resumes are written, revised, and edited in a way that pleases employers. Let’s first clarify the fundamentals before delving deeper into what these services are and the best resume-writing services in the country.


The characteristics and skills expected from you are highlighted in professional resumes. They typically highlight your qualities and provide a brief summary of your professional experience to potential employers and motivates them to hire you.

After quickly skimming through your resume, an employer might think about calling you in for an interview and employing you. A resume provides a synopsis of your personality. It highlights your work ethics, professional experience, acquired skills, and how you may put them to productive use.

The main purpose of a resume is to present potential employers, your qualifications and talents and they themselves have significance. For instance, presenting a CV to a potential employer indicates that you are interested in the employment.


A resume is an essential tool in a job search since it gives you one or two pages to emphasize your greatest and most pertinent skills and qualities. Employers use resumes to decide who to hire, and having one handy, after filing a job application can help you land your first interview. In this post, we’ll look at the value of resumes and provides advice for writing one that works well.

An excellent and well-crafted resume can show companies right away why a candidate is a good fit. Your resume serves as a link to potential employers and it is viewed before an employer looks at you. This implies that your resume determines whether you receive the opportunity to interview for a job or not. If your resume fulfills the requirements of the recruiter, you will be contacted for an interview.

Additionally, a potential employer’s first impression of you may come from your resume. As a result, it is essential that your resume mentions you and provides a summary of your personality. Your resume should highlight your skills, including all that you have acquired over the years from previous employment or education.

By adding these highlights to your resume, you might improve your chances of landing an interview and moving one step closer to getting the job. It’s important to try not to go overboard with the frills. Keep the resume succinct and to the point, and include only what is necessary. Recruiters might not be impressed by a resume that is overly creative.


The phrase “resume writing services” can be used to describe a broad range of editing, rewriting, and/or formatting assistance you might get to aid you in creating a job application submission. At any stage of your professional development, using a resume writing service to help you streamline and develop your resume can be beneficial, however, you may need additional assistance based on your career goals, industry, and level of expertise. The experts that assist you in building your resume are called resume writing services. While having a visually appealing resume is vital, creating a good resume can be challenging. Writing a resume that comes close to being excellent takes effort and time.

That is why the majority of individuals prefer to use these services. You may write, edit, evaluate, and rewrite your resumes with the aid of these services. They give your resumes a polished appearance that makes them appealing and worth looking at. A resume writing service may assist you in stating your capabilities and talents in your resumes in a polite and succinct manner.  People use these services to polish their resumes since they don’t want to risk their future employment with a hastily constructed resume.

It boosts the candidates’ confidence as they prepare for employment interviews. People frequently use resume writing services to stand out to potential employers and land interviews. They support and raise your chances of landing the job. These services assist you in creating a brand-new resume from the beginning or even in improving an already written one.


These days, there are many resources available that give you access to free resume templates. These templates are not only simple to use, but they can also be altered. A professional-looking template or one that is more imaginative and artistic are also options. All of them are sensible choices, but they are not the best for ongoing use. Only the most basic information, which is insufficient to draw recruiters’ attention, can be included using these templates.

Although it’s a terrific choice to type up resumes on your own, many people decide to use a resume writing service. Knowing that you are paying for a resume that is well-written and worth a read, gives you a great deal of joy. With the help of the best resume writing services, you may save time and get a fantastic resume that you can proudly present to potential employers. It stands out from those that choose simple templates and grabs recruiters’ attention.

Employers might notice your dedication if you spend time carefully constructing your resume, rather than simply writing down your accomplishments in a template. You are investing in yourself when you pay for a resume-writing service. With this point of view, it is recommended to spend your valuable money on a resume writing service and has your resume professionally written.


There are many circumstances where you get benefitted from opting for a resume writing service. Some of the most common reasons are,

When you want to improve your writing- You might choose to pay a professional for assistance if you need in condensing your talents and background into an engaging and succinct resume. You may rely on experienced resume writers to produce a well-written, impressive resume that accurately captures your qualifications and career objectives.

When you find it difficult to describe yourself objectively- Being impartial about our own talents and weaknesses might be challenging at times. A more accurate summary of your qualifications might be produced by talking with another individual about your abilities and accomplishments.

When you’re not getting any interview requests- If you’ve applied to positions frequently without hearing back, it’s possible that ATS software isn’t picking up your resume or hiring managers aren’t paying attention to it. The format, content, and organization of your resume may all be improved with the aid of resume writing services, making it simpler for employers to skim and read. You will be able to work with a professional writer who is familiar with your industry and what hiring managers look for in a candidate’s credentials if you select a service that hires writers from several industries.


Your resumes carry a great deal of weight, thus it’s only fair that you decide to spend money on a service that promises the greatest outcomes. If you select a resume writing service that gives you insufficient and subpar resumes, your money will be wasted.

Therefore, it’s essential to pick the best resume-writing service that gives you value for your money. Make sure you conduct thorough research and read customer reviews before spending money on a resume-writing service. Choose the service you think will produce satisfactory outcomes based on your investigation.

Here are some things to consider while choosing a resume-writing service,

  • WEBSITE – Good resume writing services today have websites that seem professional. Choose a service with an accessible website that is simple to find and navigate.
  • REVIEWS – Look online for reviews and testimonials of the resume writing service you are considering using. Only if you are satisfied with the reviews, you have read should you move forward with your transaction with them.
  • SAMPLE RESUMES – Feel free to ask the resume writing services to provide you with samples or examples of resumes. It will help you give an overview of the kind of resumes they write and give you an idea of its quality.
  • GUARANTEE – Select a resume writing service that can assure you of the top outcomes and an effective resume.
  • COMPETENT WRITERS – Get a sense of the caliber of authors the organization employs. Verify their writing style and writing credentials. Additionally, look up their titles and credentials before hiring them.
  • FIND A GOOD WRITER – Contact the writers that a resume writing business has assigned to you. Create a relationship with the author and make an effort to communicate with them. Only forward with the transaction if you and your writer can convey your thoughts and writing style.
  • AVOID AFFILIATE LINKS – Any service that advertises on other blogs or websites as an affiliate link and claims to write excellent resumes should be avoided.
  • REPUTATION – Make sure the business you choose has a good reputation. It must have a stellar track record and numerous raving reviews. Choosing a resume writing service with little background knowledge or support from customers is always risky.


Finding a reputable resume writing service can be a challenging and frustrating endeavor. Particularly in a nation like India where a large number of businesses provide expert resume services. It can be difficult to narrow down the options and select the option that would deliver the greatest and most satisfying outcomes. Do not worry if you lack the time to look for a reputable resume-writing service. The top 10 resume writing services in India are listed below for your consideration. These services have received positive evaluations on average and come highly recommended. Even though these services have a solid reputation and many endorse their outcomes, it is always preferable to do your own research.


CV Designer is a resume writing service who work very closely with executives and professionals globally. We come with years of experience in recruitment and know what recruiters look for in a CV and the keywords that hiring managers float out to the recruiters. It was founded by Deepak Josey and Sushana Adurthi with 20+ years of experience in the respective field and know exactly what the recruiters are looking for. They have an enviable experience in CV evaluation and their core team has a strong combination of recruiters who frame the industry specific keywords and content writers who write industry specific content.

Their team formulates and write CVs with a new approach by adapting new technologies and have carefully picked their team. They cater not only to resumes but also CV, Cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile – all the things essential to make a good impression on your recruiters. With the head office located in Chennai, CV Designer has branches in Bangalore, Kochi, Noida, Hyderabad, and Trivandrum.

Price – Text Resumes starts at 9999/-

Visual Resumes starts at 11999/-

Reviews – 4.6 stars (TrustPilot)

4.8 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91 844 844 8780


order at


Their Leadership team has over 40 collective years of experience in Recruitment, Content Services, Career Consulting, HR Consulting Services, Business Coaching and Mentoring and have gathered experience and expertise in understanding what the hiring managers look for from operating in multiple cross functional industries. They bring varied expertise along with a varied expertise in delivering quality content and service.

They don’t choose to operate with a Template method, which means that they do not believe in automating most processes and creating a steal from earlier written CVs business model where customers are provided a homogenous service. In addition to resumes, they also provide services for CVs, Cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles—all things necessary to leave a positive impression on employers. They are headquartered in Chennai with a branch office operating in Kochi, Kerala.

Price – Text Resumes starts at 7000/-

Visual Resumes starts at 9000/-

Reviews – 4.0 stars (TrustPilot)

4.9 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91 7010630927


Order at


Resume Writer India’s main concern is on the professional growth and they are committed to excellence, and passionate about results. They know what it takes to boost your career and understand the importance of a resume in the corporates. As a resume writing agency with a plethora of experience in the field, they make it easy for professionals to get into right interviews.

They are always in sync with the industry expectation and pay attention to the emerging technologies that are used in the recruitment process and use a concoction of writing skills and industry knowledge. They are not just any writing service but the career supporters and boosters who work with clients aiming to secure new opportunities.

Price – 6000-9000/-

Reviews – 4.0 stars (TrustPilot)

4.1 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91 8778153494


Order at


Resume Writer India is a professional resume writing firm, headquartered in Chennai, specializing in creating outstanding professional resumes, powerful cover letters and perfect LinkedIn profiles. They are led by a group of passionate writers who come with industry specific knowledge and experience.

Today they’ve grown to a team size of 20+ members handling resume writing, content quality, creative designing, sales and relationship management. They create interview winning resumes using professional content, industry specific keywords and stunning visuals to ensure that your resume receives maximum visibility in the employment market and also creates a brand.

Their cover letter ensures that it tells your potential employer why you are the best fit for the position and how you can add value to the organization. The contents of this document can also be used as the body of the email that you send to employers.

The LinkedIn profile they build not only ensures higher visibility when recruiters search for profiles similar to yours but also enhances credibility when employers try validating the data on your resume.

Price – 5000-8000/-

Reviews – 4.5 stars (TrustPilot)

4.0 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact- Call: 09941266601

E-mail –

Order at


International Recruiter Certified (IRC) Resume format is the most liked format by global recruiters. This format of resume is certified by the International Human Resources Association, the global body for recruiters around the world. These IRC resumes are accepted across all ATS engines and they are 100% compatible. By using an IRC resume, you do not have to create multiple versions of your resume to suit multiple geographies.

You can be assured that an IRC resume can open doors for you around the world. Their team is made up of professional writers from around the globe with experience in Human Resources, recruiting, career coaching, and job search strategy. They write CVs that get you through the automated recruiting software used to screen out applicants and stand out to hiring managers for all the right reasons. One special thing about using their resume service is they provide CV writing services at an affordable price.

Their certified writers are experts in analyzing requirements, which a company is looking for in an employee and they know very well how to highlight your skills in your CV. Cover letter is important for a perfect CV and of no charge. It will be included in every package you buy and they also aim to provide you extra benefits because their mission is to build a strong relationship with the clients and for that, they offer you free interview follow-up emails.

Price – starts at 1500/-

Reviews – 4.0 stars (TrustPilot)

4.8 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91 88383 76704


Order at


Get Set Resumes is one of the oldest resume writing companies in India. They employ a dedicated team of in-house writers with years of industry experience specializing in resume writing and career consulting services. Their services are especially for mid and senior executives and organization leaders. In addition to resumes, they also support clients with applications, essays, letters, biographies, LinkedIn profiles, job search assistance as well as LinkedIn management services.

Get Set Resume is a Gurgaon-based online resume writing service that was founded in 2011. They have been providing high-quality documents of the highest caliber for clients from all around the world. With over 25,000 resumes created, it is one of the first organizations in India to provide these services. Get Resumes serves clients from all over the world, including the US, Australia, the Gulf States, and the Eurozone.

They have a committed group of accomplished writers with years of sector experience. Get Set Resumes is one of the only few resume writing companies in India to employ a full in-house writing team that is qualified, trained and retained to work with the highest level of clientele. They do provide with a direct contact with the consultant with no limitations on revisions and assistance in creating job portal profile. Their clients are guaranteed with 6 months of free support post-services.

Price – starts at 2199/-

Reviews – 4.3 stars (TrustPilot)

4.8 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91-99537 76253


Order at



Make My Resume has more than 21+ years of expertise writing resumes and working in HR. Over 30 nations and thousands of resumes have benefited from their assistance. They currently have consumers from more than ten cities and thirty nations using their services in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune. They offer expert resumes that go through stringent quality inspections.

They follow strong design and typography principles, resulting in maximum readability and a better first impression by using individual questionnaires, discussions, and keyword optimization to meet the clients specific career goals.

They extend their client support by providing with LinkedIn profile, cover letters, career counselling, SOP, and LOR, and also help clients prepare for mock interviews.

Price – starts at 3999/-

Reviews – 4.7 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91-9833377701


Order at



Find my Profession is a multinational organization that helps professionals and job seekers. It was founded in 2005. These companies offer online resume creation services in India and have been mentioned in numerous important journals, including Forbes.

Over 85+ different businesses and professions are represented on their expert writing staff. They offer expert resume writing services tailored to each client’s specific history and experience. Since Find My Profession is a virtual business, there are no physical locations or branches in India, but they are still accessible.

They provide their clients with various services such as resume, LinkedIn, cover letter and also reverse recruiting.

Price – starts at $395 USD

Reviews – 4.9 stars (TrustPilot)

5.0 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +1 831-888-0967


Order at



Clients who require effective resumes can get them from Mentorrd, an online resume writing service. They offer a web resume builder that allows users to create professional resumes quickly. Additionally, they provide a resume analysis tool that may review your resume and provide key modifications that are needed to improve and edit it.

This website customizes resumes for you, based on your requirements and in a way that improves the client’s chances of being shortlisted. Industry specialists and professionals with MBAs and other degrees are on their writing staff. The icing on top of their resume writing service is that they also offer clients-on-demand personal guidance. They ensure that your resume attracts recruiters and they are skilled in active verbs, skill sets, job match, format & styling and much more. They also offer you, Ten point Resume analysis for FREE.

Price – starts at 3490/-

Reviews – 3.7 stars (TrustPilot)

4.0 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91 83198 03669


Order at


In order to assist job searchers worldwide, Book Your CV is a business that offers a professional resume writing service. It was founded in Kolkata in 2012. They use a skilled group of writers with extensive experience in India’s professional CV and resume writing industry. All the resumes are hand written by professional CV/resume writer.

They do not use any resume template or software for resume writing and provide a range of services from resume writing to forwarding resume to top consultant across the world depending on your requirement. They extend their services not only in India but also to USA, Australia, UK, Oman, Dubai, Italy, Spain, Canada, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, France and much more to come. They use current and most demanding trends /style /resume format which highlights your skill and strengths as per your role/experience/goal and the prices are highly competitive without making any compromise on quality of resume/CV.

Apart from resume writing they also provide many other services like cover letter, LinkedIn Profile writing, mock interview, job search, and resume marketing (Reach to consultant). Reach to consultant is one of topmost demanding service that helped many unemployed youth/ experienced and it seems to be helpful for both fresher and experienced professionals.

Price – starts at 1695/-

Reviews – 4.4 stars (Google Reviews)

Contact – Call: +91-8010086090


Order at


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